Active Learning Laboratory

The laboratory is funded by the ALIEN project and is established at the John von Neumann Institute (JVN). The laboratory is named “Active Learning Laboratory”. It is identified through the logo of the ALIEN project and is co-located with the laboratory of data science. The server of laboratory is installed in the server room of JVN.

The laboratory will be used by students under JVN’s lecturers’ instruction in the courses of JVN’s ICT and QCF graduate programs. With the laboratory’s resources, lecturers and students may work together in their courses more interactively and innovatively using the virtual machine enabled server, wireless connection hub, and a large monitor to work on site. In the case of remote working, JVN provides a VPN connection through an Internet broadband network and a VMWare installed server.

This laboratory is used by both the scientific programs. Therefore, this laboratory can be the destination of all courses of graduate programs and all projects of JVN. For that reason, from the design phase, JVN introduced the solution of supporting physical and virtual working environments. The students can access the ALIEN active learning platform for their courses through laptops in the laboratory or through an Internet connection from their own location.


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P09 JVN lab exploitation plan-210322114114.pdf